Framing and Painting Galore!

It has been a busy few weeks for our construction crews as major progress has been made on the Flats and Riverstone apartments. Stay tuned for more updates as Winter comes to an end and Spring begins!   The Flats: Building 10: Complete Metal Roof. Continue stone and brick veneer. Continue MEP Rough-ins. Complete Curtain Wall. … Continued

Inspections Completed and Exciting Construction News!

The next two weeks will be full of advancements for the Friendship Village of Dublin expansion project. Here is what you can expect to see:   The Flats Building 10: Start metal roof, continue stone and brick veneer, continue MEP rough-ins, complete curtain wall, continue hollow metal doorframe installation and begin pre-rock. Building 9: Start … Continued

Continued Roof Installations and Finalized Plumbing Inspections!

The expansion project continues at Friendship Village of Dublin and we are so excited to share all of the exciting new updates with you this week. Here’s what we are working on in the next two weeks:   The Flats Building 10: Start metal roof, continue stone and brick veneer, continue MEP rough-ins, complete curtain … Continued

Completed Roofing, Framing and Our New Lobby!

Construction is moving swiftly on the expansion project at Friendship Village of Dublin. In the next two weeks, we will be completing exciting new renovations and finishing touches. Here is what you can expect:   The Flats: Building 10: Start metal roof, continue stone and brick veneer, continue MEP rough-ins, complete curtain wall, continue dry-wall … Continued

Video Tour of The Flats

Despite at-times frigid temperatures and icy conditions, construction on the Friendship Village of Dublin expansion project continues to thrive this winter. For those curious about the progress so far on our new buildings, especially the Flats at River Point, we created a video tour of each floor plan. The Darby: 1,514 sq. ft.   The … Continued

Roof Trusses On!

We’ve hit some major milestones this week including the final touches on the Pavilion and wood stairs in one of the Flats Towers! It’s been great to see the progress we made over the fall and we’re excited to continue the hard work! Check out what the next two weeks will look like for us: … Continued

Foundation, Framing and More Exciting Updates!

While the framing is continuing for the Flats, the Riverstone apartments are getting foundation poured. The finishing touches are being put on the pavilion today and it will soon be available for everyone to enjoy! Check out the other updates:   Garages Clean up landscaping Continue irrigation along street   Utility Pump House/Entry Feature Gutters and … Continued

Flats Being Framed

Our 16-unit Flats building is being framed with the other 3 buildings to follow. See construction update below:   Sitework & Utilities Perform permanent sanitary reroute now that city has signed re-design   Garages Clean up landscaping Start irrigation, subcontract Award letter sign for Oakland Irrigation RCC and Andy Howland to finalize trees with Darby … Continued

Pavilion in Progress

Our residents love taking some time to enjoy the weather, which is why we’re making it a priority to work on our new pavilion this month. When completed, this will be a great area for everyone to enjoy! See what else we have planned:   Sitework & Utilities Transfer Water Tie-ins Tuesday and Wednesday night … Continued

Making Way for Riverside!

The walls are coming down and Riverside is one step closer to being completed. We’ve also continued making progress on the Stone Wall installation for the Utility Pump House. Check out what else is going on:   Sitework & Utilities Complete Boulder outcroppings along sidewalk to Villas   Garages Re-grade and compact parking lot   … Continued